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Coastal Geo Exchange serves HVAC professionals who install geothermal in South Carolina and Georgia. For service please call (843) 227-1501.

Homeowners who are interested in a geothermal heating and cooling system (as called Geo Exchange or Ground Source Heat Pumps) are encouraged to contact Don to learn more about the technology & find a qualified contractor.

Services include – Product Sales, Geothermal Training, System Design Assistance, & Consulting.

Meet Don Easson, P. E. , CGD

Don Easson Don has been in the home comfort industry for the majority of his life. His expertise has played a hand in hundreds of geothermal heating and cooling systems throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Some of his accreditation includes:

  • Registered Professional Engineer, South Carolina and Pennsylvania
  • IGSHPA Certified Geo Exchange Designer
  • IGSHPA Certified GeoExchange Installer
  • Member ISGHPA since 2006
  • Member ASHRAE since 2006
  • ClimateMaster Certified Trainer
  • Member GEO
  • Member The South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance
  • Technical College of the Low Country – HVAC Advisory Board

In 2006 Don was certified as a GeoExchange Designer, CGD by IGSHPA and launched his professional services company. Don Easson, PE LLC was formed to provide Geothermal Consulting Services and to Design Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Systems. Don has design over 400 Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for High Performance Homes.

In 2008, Coastal GeoExchange, LLC was organized to supply ClimateMaster Geothermal Products to Residential HVAC Dealers/Installers. In the following years Coastal GeoExchange has identified and trained a small highly skilled group of Geothermal Installers. Don brings over 40 years of Industrial Process Design and Management to these companies.

Celebrating Five Years of Service to GEO Thermal Heat Pump Dealers and their Customers.

The spring of 2013 marks the five year anniversary of Coastal Geo Exchange. I want to personally thank each of you for your trust and continued interest in
ClimateMaster and Geothermal Heat Pumps. This past five years has seen significant changes in the ClimateMaster Product line and a continual push for
energy savings, reliability and customer service. At Coastal Geo Exchange my focus is only on GEO and ClimateMaster Products. This enables me to offer
technical and sales support that is. I believe superior to other Geo Product Distributors. This is what you have told me and I appreciate your continued
confidence and trust.

In 2011 and 2012 we introduced the TZ and TE lines these products bring digital intelligence and higher efficiencies and “plug and play” installation to
the ClimateMaster Tranquility Product Line. I have gotten a lot of positive comments about these improvements. There were a few cases where we had DXM2
Boards that needed to be sent back.

Coastal GEO Exchange Website and GEO pages for your website.

In January, I brought on line. This is a start at providing information and a
communication vehicle to my dealers and their customers. I would appreciate any comments. The Website Developer will provide webpages for your site that
discuss ClimateMaster and Geothermal Heat Pump and link to my site and the ClimateMaster site. Call Joshua Kresge at Kinertia, LLC -412-254-3648 and
reference that you are one of my dealers. My challenge it to spend time each week to update and provide information that is of interest to GEO Dealers and
their Customers

Spring GEO Training. – New ClimateMaster Training Modules

I spent the first week of April in OKC, at ClimateMaster Headquarters. We had an extensive/intensive three day Train the Trainer Work shop. The Residential
Products are exciting and extensive. The new products have intelligent digital controls and are more energy efficient. We know that your time is valuable
so we have broken up our training into one day and ½ day modules. This will enable us to individualize the training requirements and keep it to one day per
week. The following are the available Training Module and their costs (The costs cover the cost of the training materials/literature, training room and
meals). See Training

1. Residential Geothermal Service and Installation – Core Module – 1 day Cost $150

2. Software Tools, Design and Sales – four to six hours $75.00

3. DXM2 Controls plus Selling GEO – six – eight hours. $100

4. Loop Training Class –for HVAC Dealers and Vertical Loop Contractors 1 day $75.00

5. Water to Water Systems – four hours $75.00

6. PE Pipe Fusion Socket 2 to 3 hours $50.00

The Coastal Advantage 

Home Owners – Before you get geothermal quotes you can take advantage of the Coastal Advantage. Have Don provide the complete system design so you know its done by the best. For a free consultation please call (843) 227-1501


Contractors – The Coastal Advantage can give both you and your customer the piece of mind knowing that the system was designed correctly and the highest quality equipment was provided. If you are a CoastalGeo contractor feel free to place an icon on your website. Simply contact your webmaster and ask him to insert the code below into your website.

Customer Testimonial

Daniel - Atlanta, GA

"Don helped me understand why geothermal was the optimal choice for my newly constructed home. He helped design the system with my contractor and ensured everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my system and the service I received."

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