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To ensure 100% satisfaction by our customers and the end users of our products we offer system design services and 24-7 Support.

  • Certified GeoExchange Designer on staff
  • Regular Factory Certified Training
  • Exceptional knowledgeable regarding Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Performing Manual J, Manual D, Loop Layout
  • Knowledgeable in NetZero Energy Homes

Send us your drawings. Builders, Architects, Project Managers, & even homeowners can have a professional GeoExchange Designer perform Manual J, Manual D, & other necessary calculations at very competitive rates. We can handle 100% of the system design.

One of the main tools provided to our contractor partners is GeoDesigner.

GeoDesigner software is an indispensable tool for correctly sizing geothermal units and earth loops. In addition to its ability to help design the system, GeoDesigner is also a great selling tool. By using this software, you can demonstrate operating cost scenarios to your customer, and set yourself apart from the competition.

Program Features

  • Uses standard ACCA Manual J or ASHRAE loads input
  • Climate table featuring over 200 North American cities
  • Extensive report capability with color graphing
  • All heat pump types support electric or fossil auxiliary heat
  • Unlimited storage for utility rate profiles
  • Compares operating costs of up to three different systems in one report
  • Over 25 pre-configured closed loop layouts plus well water (open loop)
  • Eight soil types with comprehensive description
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Supports single stage, two stage, and split heat pump models
  • Features automatic or manual geothermal loop sizing
  • Hybrid closed-loop and well water combinations possible with dual circuit units
  • Uses ASHRAE algorithms for alternative system performance

Customer Testimonial

Daniel - Atlanta, GA

"Don helped me understand why geothermal was the optimal choice for my newly constructed home. He helped design the system with my contractor and ensured everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my system and the service I received."

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