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Geothermal systems have a lower operating cost than even the most efficient alternatives to heating and cooling your household. The system uses the steady temperature of the ground to achieve its 400% efficiency rating. You can learn more about how a ground heating and cooling system works on our page “Geothermal 101.”

Efficieny isn’t the only reason to switch. Ground source heat pumps are quiet and smooth running similar to a normal appliance. Learn more and find out if a geothermal system is right for you.

Outdoor air-conditioning units need frequent maintenance and have a shorter life cycle. However it’s not their fault, they’re outside. Geothermal units are placed inside the home and are not subject to the wear and tear of the weather. It’s time to take the next step and get a free geothermal consultation.

Geothermal 101

Geothermal 101

Time to go back to school and become an expert on how a ground source heating and cooling system works. We’ll explain the basics and you’ll be able to look smart in-font of the neighbors.

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Geothermal Decision

Is GEO Right For You?

The question of the hour, Is geothermal right for my house? We’ll break down why your the ideal candidate or why you may not be a perfect fit.

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Customer Testimonial

Daniel - Atlanta, GA

"Don helped me understand why geothermal was the optimal choice for my newly constructed home. He helped design the system with my contractor and ensured everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my system and the service I received."

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