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Is Geothermal Right For You

Geothermal Decision

Geothermal is possible for 99% of all homeowners. However, it is most attractive in the following situations…

  • New Construction
  • Homes with large AC demands
  • Homes burning Oil/Propane
  • Planned replacement of old HVAC equipment

Now is a great time to switch to geothermal – a 30% Federal Tax Credit is available on the cost of the entire installation – not to mention the premium comfort of the most efficient heating and cooling system on earth. To get started with a geothermal contractor please complete this form.

Customer Testimonial

Daniel - Atlanta, GA

"Don helped me understand why geothermal was the optimal choice for my newly constructed home. He helped design the system with my contractor and ensured everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my system and the service I received."

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